To download my guide to Matthiessen State Park, click on the button, below.

Web Sites of Interest
Salt Creek Camera Club
The web site for the Salt Creek Camera Club
La Grange Camera & Video
A great camera store; people who really know photography and photo gear.
Topaz Labs
Some of the best plug-in software for PS & Elements
The Photographer's Ephemeris
A very useful piece of free software to plot sunrise and sunset lines on actual satellite images.
Matthiessen State Park
One of my absolute favorite photo sites in northern Illinois.  NOTE: If you plan to go, click on the button below for my personal guide to photographing this location.
Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Another site near Chicago for some wonderful photo ops, especially in the Spring when the wildflowers are blooming.
Photomatix Software
The software I use for doing HDR...highly recommended by many users.


Below are links to some of my favorite web sites.  These include photo related and some of my favorite locations for photography.

William Ruting